Feature rich and intuitive
Execute a world-class direct email marketing program.

With the MailSquadron solution you get more out of your email marketing efforts. MailSquadron manages your feedback loops (complaint removal), white listings, bounce handling, remove requests, tracking and deliverability. MailSquadron provides all the tools you need to execute a world-class email marketing program. From one-off campaigns to automatically triggered emails, MailSquadron delivers marketing-email, transactional-email and everything in between.

Creative Tools

Start from a template or insert custom HTML. Use database variables to create personalization. Quickly preview and test to yourself.

Segmentation Tools

Create lists, filters and more. Segment your subscribers for better targeting and higher message relevance.

Campaigns & Workflows

Send immediately or schedule for the future. Create automated campaign logic and easily deploy triggered emails based on subscriber behaviors.

Reporting & Analytics

View in-depth and real-time tracking reports for all campaigns and workflows. Identify what each individual subscriber is doing.

Social Media

Easily post your email marketing campaigns to facebook and twitter. Track your social reach per email campaign and your overall social reach on facebook and twitter.

API & Integration

Utilize the MailSquadron API for seamless integration into your existing business logic.