MailSquadron is a world-class direct email marketing program

With the MailSquadron solution you get more out of your email marketing efforts. MailSquadron manages your feedback loops (complaint removal), white listings, bounce handling, remove requests, tracking and deliverability. MailSquadron provides all the tools you need to execute a world-class email marketing program. From one-off campaigns to automatically triggered emails, MailSquadron delivers marketing-email, transactional-email and everything in between.


MailSquadron segmentation tools allow you to slice and dice your subscriber lists any way you could want. Learn more about the MailSquadron concepts: Publications, Lists, Filters & Sources.

Full Feature API

Integrate and automate! Accomplish anything you can do by hand, programmatically via the MailSquadron API. And don't worry-- we don't charge you extra for it.

Social Media

Discover MailSquadron Facebook & Twitter integrations. Easily share your email campaigns on Facebook & Twitter with automatically-generated social posts. Use MailSquadron social analytics reports to track much more!